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48 лет (родился 12 января 1970), мужчина, cостоит в браке, есть дети
Анапа, готов к переезду
Гражданство: Россия
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Business development manager

По договорённости

Опыт работы 13 лет и 1 месяц

    • июнь 2014 – работает сейчас
    • 4 года и 4 месяца

    Senior Community Liaison / Stakeholder Engagement Specialist

    South Stream Transport B.V. (SSTTBV), Анапа
    Oil and Gas


    Main Responsibilities: • Regular coordination of Company Departments and Contractors in the field of impact to the neighborhood Communities and compliance with Company commitments. • Regular interaction with Stakeholders at Municipal Level. • Assessing impact to Communities in the Project Area and development of mitigation measures. • Participating in development of Sustainability Strategy, and Community Liaison Implementation Plan. • Arranging, facilitating and participating in consultations with local communities and stakeholders. • Supporting local information disclosure and communications / awareness raising activities, including the development and translation of materials and their dissemination. • Acting as a focal point for local communities and stakeholders. Providing information about the Project and response to the issues or concerns as appropriate. • Supporting the development, implementation and ongoing management of the Grievance Procedure, maintaining Grievance Register and organizing the appropriate investigation process, where required. • Conducting Community Needs Assessment on the regular basis. • Supporting the development and implementation of the local CSR / Community Investment Program. • Reporting on political, economic and social developments in the local area of relevance to the Project. • Assisting with the development of ESIA and related activities. Prepare and run public hearings. • Managing the expectations of regional and local stakeholders. • Consulting Contractors on the Sustainable Development issues, providing support to Contractor's Sustainability Team and conducting inspections on following the Sustainability Inductions by Contractor’s personnel in accordance with the applicable International Standards. • Managing and maintaining of the regional and local stakeholder’s registers and providing ongoing support for the Stakeholder Engagement Program including development, monitoring and evaluation of SE and CSR programs. • Negotiation with the landowners and authorities regarding issues of servitude and land acquisition. Main achievements: • Achieved strong positive and trustable relationship with neighborhood Communities and Local Administrations and highly positive image of Company in CSR area. • Established strong Sustainability Team on the Project through involvement of Contractor’s responsible personnel and daily coordination of activities. • Provided training and consultations for SSTTBV CLO in Bulgaria and Turkey. • Conducted successful public hearings for ESIA. • Implemented Social Investment Projects in affected Communities for total cost of 550 000 euros. • Developed workshop for the children about the Project, its technologies and professions. • Received Letter of Appreciation from Local Community, Certificate of Appreciation from Local Administration and two Honor Certificates from Mayor of Anapa Town.
    • декабрь 2012 – июнь 2014
    • 1 год и 7 месяцев


    Sphinx d.o.o.


    Main Responsibilities: • With the particular attention to the Russian speaking clients organizing the full support, such as consultancy, analysis, negotiation, communication, representation, security and liaison services in the area of Balkans (covering Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina areas). • Assisting clients in assessment and development of potential investment fields. Consulting and communicating with the different national and international investment funds in order to support client to comply with the fund’s requirements and standards. • Consulting on the Environmental and Social issues; providing mediation services for the interaction with the communities and stakeholder groups. • Managing the clients’ expectations. • Conducting Security audit. • Conducting Project Management for the internal projects Main Achievements: • Established good working relationship with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce; • Developed full package for the client’s investment project (renewable energy) for applying for the EU Funds. • Investment project prepared for the client for the funds acquisition and ready for execution phase. • Security consulting and security audit at the request of the Security Director of “Interstate Europe” in Krasnaya Poljana, Russia (Marriott, Grand and Plaza Hotels) done before and during Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014. References from “Interstate Europe” are available if requested.
    • март 2009 – декабрь 2012
    • 3 года и 10 месяцев

    Managing director of Company and Project Director

    Oil and Gas


    Leading and executing Project of installation of nautical fuel stations at Croatia. Managing of operation of installed stations and daily operation of company Crno Zlato. Execution of the Project of Nautical fuel stations network for bunkering of yachts and boats in Croatia. Main Responsibilities: • Drafting of the business plan for the project, including field gathering of the preliminary information and marketing research. Drafting and justification of the strategic development plan. • Negotiations with Stakeholders and Local Authorities regarding places of installation, with positioning of Company as Sustainable and Socially Responsible one. • Establishing of the new company in Croatia for the purpose of execution of the Project of nautical fuel stations network for bunkering of yachts and boats in Croatia and administration of the mentioned network. • Selecting contractors and services, controlling the execution of their work in sustainable manner, including technical control of implemented technologies. • Locating and selecting suitable places for the installation of the Nautical fuel stations. • Legalization of the Project in Croatia according to the existing laws. Preparing and lobbing the needed changes in the laws. Preparing and approving of the technical conditions for the installation and work permits for the Nautical fuel stations at all concerned organizations and institutions. • Preparing of agreements, budgeting and reporting on Project execution status. • Selecting the personnel for the Project and work at the stations. Organizing of training and certification of personnel. Main Achievements: • Strategic plan for the development of Network consisted of thirty stations was prepared. • Non existing business fully established and legalized at the Croatian market in 2,5 year’s period. • ESIA prepared and approved by relevant authorities. Mitigation measures developed and implemented for prevention of water pollution in the areas of installation of Nautical fuel stations. • Two Nautical fuel stations installed and started up. Pilot stations demonstrated good results for ROI. Agreements for installation of another two Nautical stations prepared and negotiated. One agreement signed and paperwork for the installation started.
    • сентябрь 2008 – март 2009
    • 7 месяцев

    General Representative / Managing Director UC RUSAL in Nigeria



    Leading the Office of United Company Russian Aluminium (UC RUSAL) in Nigeria. Main responsibilities: • Administrating, managing and financial maintenance activities for the Office of UC RUSAL in Nigeria. • Implementing of the Company’s representative functions in the Governmental Authorities and Institutions in Nigeria. • Coordination of CSR activities of Company in the Country. • Interaction with main Stakeholders at Country and Regional levels. Negotiating and resolving issues related to the activities of the ALSCON plant in Nigeria at the national and regional levels. • Strategic support for the Projects of the UC RUSAL in Nigeria. Main Achievements: • Established a working relationship with the Nigerian Authorities, State Institutions and Ministries. • Developed agreements and work interaction schemes to ensure uninterrupted gas supply to the Power Station of ALSCON plant. • Optimized financial management of the Office of UC RUSAL in Nigeria.
    • сентябрь 2007 – сентябрь 2008
    • 1 год и 1 месяц

    Director of PR & GR Department

    RUSAL-ALSCON Nigeria


    Management of the Department for Public and Government Relations at the ALSCON plant located in the troubled Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Running Social Investment Programs for impacted Communities. Main Responsibilities: • Acting as a main focal Point for the Media, Communities and Stakeholders. • Conducting Stakeholder engagement and Community consultations. • Developing Media plans and supporting of the Project of the reconstruction of the ALSCON plant. • Positioning of the ALSCON plant at a State level and the local labor market. • Correcting mismatches between the different approaches and cultures. • Building working relationship with traditional and governmental institutions. • Assisting in receiving of the necessary permits for the Project. • Developing and implementing the Social Investment Program and Projects for the local Communities. • Interacting with the other companies and non-governmental organizations working in the region. • Disseminating of the Press releases with the media sources (print, radio, TV), arranging press conferences. Main Achievements: • Selected and trained the efficient team. • Created and executed strategy for the operation of Department and directions of work. • Adjusted ALSCON image for local population, public organizations and achieved a balance in the work of Department with the traditional and the government structures. • Executed re-positioning of the plant as an asset of UC RUSAL ligament - ALSCON. • Conducted PR campaign for the delimitation of RUSAL from the debts of BPE (the previous owner of the plant). • Started printing an internal newspaper to raise awareness of the workers and the local population about the process of modernization of the plant and for the purpose of internal communication as a channel to influence public opinion. • Installed informational booths in the local tribes to raise awareness and provide feedback for Communities. • Developed and implemented Grievance Procedure. • Organized the ALSCON Sports Committee, and hold PR campaign to highlight the participation of business in the development of sports at the Akwa Ibom State. • Organized and hold a football tournament between the clans of Ikot Abasi for Cup RUSAL ALSCON with advertisement in the media sources and on television, which has increased the popularity of RUSAL Company and ALSCON plant among the youth. • Created database of Stakeholders from the local level up to the State level. • Implemented in-depth analysis in the field of PR and community relations for supporting of the dredging project on the Imo River. • Established active cooperation with the youth clan’s movements of Ikot Abasi. • Organized working relationship between ALSCON Security and the similar security structures in order to exchange information relevant to the safety of the enterprise and security of RUSAL ALSCON. • Executed number of adjustments in the public's perception of particular events and people based on corporate and security interests. • Prepared and executed low budget re-branding and opening ceremony of ALSCON plant with the participation of 1000 guests.
    • июль 2005 – июнь 2007
    • 2 года

    Head of Information Cell

    UNMIS Joint Mission Analysis Cell (JMAC) (Republic of Sudan)


    Main Responsibilities: • Collecting and processing information from the various sources in order to facilitate further analysis. • Managing and organizing the existing information and developing the collection plans for the field. • Profiling and evaluating sources of the information. • Organizing meetings with the concerned parts for development of the specific assessments. • Preparing Early Warning Notes for Chief JMAC. • Providing support for Joint Operation Center and Crisis Management Team in case of Emergency. Main Achievements: • Established good cooperation with different UN, international and local institutions for the purpose of collecting and exchanging of valuable information. • Developed the Knowledge-Base project "Sudan Gazetteer" which was included in "best practices" for JMACs. • Developed the number of constructive proposals for the JMAC's structure and network organization. • Developed the structure of JMAC database and prepared technical directions for database developer. - Participated in Crisis Group on emergency situation in


    • Высшее образование
    • Заочная
    • 2002

    Law Institute of Ministry of Internal Affairs

    Факультет: Law
    Специальность: Lawyer
    • Среднее специальное образование
    • Заочная
    • 1996

    Hydro-meliorative Colledge

    Специальность: Zootechnician

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Знания и навыки

Профессиональные навыки:

Strong personal skills: Fast adaptation, project management, start up, communication, negotiations, government liaison, information gathering, information organizing, information analyses, new business development, strategy development, security assessment, security consultancy, public relations, marketing research. Advanced PC user. MS Office programs, Databases, Presentations, Web-search, web design, network security. Specialist in information gathering, organizing and processing. Specialist in start ups and business organization in new countries. Specialist in security and threat assessments. Specialist in benchmarking (business intelligence) Good experience in PR and GR.

Дополнительные сведения:

I decided to apply, because I found your vacancy very interesting and challenging and I am meeting all your requirements. I am Russian native speaker. Since 1999 I am working abroad in international community and my working language is English. I also fluently speak Serbo-Croatian which covering also Montenegro and Bosnia. All my positions during last 10 years have been related to work under pressure, within time and budget limits and mostly at the places with security risks. Above mentioned, requires high time-management skills, self-organization and self-motivation. The serious part of my work was to interact with people, communicate to local and government institutes and liaise with the different organizations. Working in multinational teams in Balkans and Africa I learn how to lead them and how to be the part of the whole process and structure. It would be great to use my knowledge and experience for the such interesting job.

Иностранные языки

  • Английский язык, Cвободное владение
  • Сербский язык, Cвободное владение
  • Хорватский язык, Cвободное владение
  • Боснийский язык, Cвободное владение

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  • A — мотоциклы
  • B — легковые авто

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